The ALERT Real Estate Listing Presentation

There is an age – old, adage, in real estate, which states, Listings control the market. Basically, the premise is, when an agent focuses on obtaining listings, he becomes far more ready, and capable, of determining his own destiny, and earning the best possible income. One only becomes capable of controlling, certain aspects of his real estate career, when, and if, he obtains quality listings. With that in mind, and recognizing, there is generally competition, to obtain these, this article will briefly discuss, what I refer to, as the ALERT real estate listing presentation, in a step – by – step, manner.

1. Ask homeowner what he seeks: Before you present anything, it’s important to determine, and identify, why the owner is selling, and what his objectives, goals and priorities, might be! Open the conversation, by asking relevant, direct questions, and learning, what they hope to achieve, and why they wish to sell. A true agent differentiates himself, by letting others speak, first, and focusing the discussion on their needs!

2. Listen and Learn: If you want to differentiate yourself from many others, listen, far more than you speak, learn what their priorities, and reasons are, and learning, significantly, in order, to direct your presentation, to their customized perspectives, concerns, and priorities. In other words, make the presentation about them, and how you might provide benefits and values, rather than about you, and mere, services! Never interrupt, and zip – your – lips!

3. Empathize; excellence: The best way to demonstrate your value, and how choosing you, to represent them, is their best option, is to explain, your commitment to excellence, and service, and prioritize, genuine empathy! When you begin, by making a genuine, relevant connection, and clearly demonstrating, you, both, care and understand, is to listen effectively, and learn, what’s best for them. In other words, put yourself, in their shoes!

4. Reasons; rationale; relevant: Listen to the homeowners reasons and reasoning, and proceed, to fully articulate your approach, and rationale, in a relevant manner, which emphasizes their perceptions, needs, priorities, and concerns, and make them more comfortable!

5. Trends; techniques; teamwork: Show a prospective client, how recent trends, and technology, in the industry, will get them, the results they seek, and why, you are well – suited, to serve them! Rather than merely articulating, what you might do, demonstrate clearly, by explaining, some of the techniques, and your development of well – honed, relevant skills and expertise! When you explain, in an inspiring way, which will produce teamwork, between homeowner and agent, you will begin the process, in an effective, efficient manner!

Providing an ALERT presentation, should comfort a prospective client, because he will recognize, you are fully committed, to serve them! However, you must believe in this, and proceed, accordingly!