3 Ways Not to End Your Presentation

The last few minutes of your presentation are important – when you have the final opportunity to make your point and leave a lasting impression on the audience.

Here are 3 ways NOT to end your presentation:

1. “Any questions…?”
First of all, don’t ask for questions if you don’t really want to answer any or there is no time for them.

Secondly, if you ask for questions and there aren’t any, you are ending with an uncomfortable silence.

Thirdly, even if there are questions, you want to have a final conclusion after answering questions, so you stay in control of the presentation and have the last word

2. Endless Thank-yous
Like your opening, your conclusion is not the place to list out every last person to thank. Either thank a few people briefly, before your conclusion or incorporate the longer list into the body of your presentation or include it in your handout

3. Weak Non-verbals (shrug your shoulders, voice trailing off….)
“Uh, so that’s my presentation…”
“Well, that’s pretty much it…”
If you mumble your final words or let your voice trail off, the audience will be unsure whether you’re done. And you will have missed your chance to end strongly.

Your words and non-verbals should demonstrate confidence. Your final sentence should have a definitive conclusion, whether it ends with a period, exclamation point or question mark. Smile, stand tall, keep making eye contact, keep your voice strong and clearly enunciate all the words to the end of the sentence. You want your audience to know that you’re done and to remember what you’ve said.

Here are examples of good (and simple) endings:
“That has been my journey to minimize fuel surcharges in the eastern region.”
“The bottom line is that I recommend we move on this opportunity before the end of the month to maintain our competitive advantage.”
“In conclusion, remember that public speaking is a skill that is essential to your career – and since it’s a skill, you can practice and improve it.”

Understanding HASS in Product Testing

Most manufacturers boast that their products are the best in the market. However, consumers won’t easily purchase their products no matter how good their marketing schemes are if the product doesn’t meet the consumer requirements. The best option for manufacturers to provide proof that their products are reliable and safe is for their products to undergo product safety testing.

Product testing is a vital quality assurance process that is implemented during the production process. There are various procedures for product safety testing that products need to go through. One of these procedures is known as HASS testing.

HASS Testing: Finding Product Defects

HASS or Highly Accelerated Stress Screening is a procedure that is done during the development stage of the manufacturing process. During this procedure, any defects that can cause product failures are detected. This procedure is very effective in finding failures that may have gone unnoticed during the traditional testing stages.

The HASS testing will push the product past the specification to find any weaknesses. This means that the merchandise will need to undergo extreme temperature, rapid thermal cycling, and vibration testing- usually at the same time, to find any design weaknesses. The main goal of this testing procedure is to maximize the stress applied to the product, reduce the screening time, and make sure that the products will remain intact and undamaged. This procedure is very important for testing devices used in medical, avionics, and defense industries. Despite all these, the HASS testing still uses lower stress levels as compared to HALT. As compared to the HALT testing, the temperature and voltage used in this procedure is reduced by about 10-15%. HASS is not a standardized, prescriptive product safety testing procedure, but it is an optimized engineering solution.

Why HASS Testing Is Done

HASS testing is used to verify and make sure that the products will be able to offer the performance it promises. This procedure is done to know if there are any shifts in the interior performance of the product during the manufacturing process. It is also essential for this procedure to be performed by a company that specializes in accelerated life testing. Among the main benefits of HASS testing are:

  • Reduce the time during product development and design
  • The merchandise are released sooner into the market
  • The superior quality and efficacy of the product is assured
  • Increase the satisfaction and confidence of consumers
  • Lower product recalls and warranty costs
  • Higher returns and profitability

Self Marketing and Events – How to Present Yourself In Meet and Greets, Career Fairs and Workshops

For the sake of example, let’s use someone who provides services of designing smart phone applications. It is very in demand; however you have just started in business and desperately need clients. Believe it or not, your first step is designing business cards. Yes, those old fashioned, 8 track, analog seeming, physical business cards. Here’s why: sometimes your encounters with potential clients are so brief that you do not have time to take out smartphones and exchange web pages or phone numbers. Even though our sample entrepreneur provides a very high tech service, if his encounter is too brief, he needs to leave the potential customer something with his phone number. It’s a common mistake that some make; they think that people don’t like those clunky space consuming business cards in this modern age. Even if they don’t, when your service offered is something they want bad enough, they WILL save your card and call you back.

The second step in the situation of an entrepreneur is confidence. It can sometimes be very difficult when you are bleeding revenue, are in the red, or maybe do not have a single client yet. If the bills are going unpaid, if your life is falling apart, and the stress is eating you up; you’re going to have to suppress it. After reading around the web a lot we have found that one of the easiest ways to do this is when you are talking to a new person who may be a potential client, pretend that they have already paid you and you are thanking them. Everything is great, your smart phone apps are the best in the business, and you are getting ready to go cash their check. If you don’t, they will see your insecurity and may not be willing to hire you. It’s a vicious environment out there, and no matter how friendly people may seem on the surface, they are inwardly judging you at every second. Instead of saying “I really need the work, I hope you contact me”, try saying, “Excellent, I do believe that I am free, hope to hear from you soon”. Desperation is sensed, and fighting the urge to look desperate at the workshop or meet and greet is going to be your biggest asset in the battle of selling your own business.

As eager as you are to tell people that you create the coolest smartphone apps on the market, remember it is also key to listen. The bubbliest of personalities can really shoot themselves in the foot when it comes to presentation. If you know that the person you are speaking with at the workshop or expo is potentially one of the biggest purchasers of your apps that you make in the state; don’t bombard them; it is more important than ever to let them speak about what they want to speak about first, even if it is their vacation to Idaho to see potato fields. Then after some obligatory listening, you can let them know that you just launched your app creating venture. The client you want to land most may take some time, it will be important to have smaller jobs to tide you over. This is a very difficult time of any business, as some of the smaller clients may literally treat you worse and with less respect than the big fish you are after. You just have to handle these situations with grace, and you WILL know when it’s time to cut them loose. However they are invaluable to pay the bills on your way up.

If you are a job hunter seeking an hourly wage job in the world out there, no matter what anyone says, it is still like walking in a field full of landmines. One good word of advice is that even though we hate to say it; these days if an employer is just desperate to sign you up and have you start tomorrow; they may not be telling you what the job entails. Right now employers get their pick of talent no matter what the media tells you, and if they are hurriedly filling a position, it may be getting ready to be outsourced soon or simply be a very toxic environment.

Another thing to know is that we have been told over the last month that some employers are now taking their applicants through as many as SIX interviews, when the standard used to be 2 or 3. Yes, this can be very demoralizing; and you also have to answer questions from multiple people firing them at you. It is best as always to just be yourself, as cliché as that may sound. The main thing that your objective to let employers know about you is that you are going to help save them money. They do not care about your violin lesson teaching on the side, or softball league through church. It’s only the bottom line, and it will be this way for quite a few more years. As far as the current climate, without trying to sugarcoat anything; another tactic is that when the interview is over and the hr manager is thanking you for your time; you can always say outright, “Well I am interested in the position; is there any way to move things forward at all?” what happens is that when the interview is over, the applicant leaves, and sometimes the hiring manager has no idea if the applicant really wants the job. We live in a world where everything in life is full of headgames; swashbuckling your way through them is really more of a battle than doing the job every day once you land it.