3 Ways Not to End Your Presentation

The last few minutes of your presentation are important – when you have the final opportunity to make your point and leave a lasting impression on the audience.

Here are 3 ways NOT to end your presentation:

1. “Any questions…?”
First of all, don’t ask for questions if you don’t really want to answer any or there is no time for them.

Secondly, if you ask for questions and there aren’t any, you are ending with an uncomfortable silence.

Thirdly, even if there are questions, you want to have a final conclusion after answering questions, so you stay in control of the presentation and have the last word

2. Endless Thank-yous
Like your opening, your conclusion is not the place to list out every last person to thank. Either thank a few people briefly, before your conclusion or incorporate the longer list into the body of your presentation or include it in your handout

3. Weak Non-verbals (shrug your shoulders, voice trailing off….)
“Uh, so that’s my presentation…”
“Well, that’s pretty much it…”
If you mumble your final words or let your voice trail off, the audience will be unsure whether you’re done. And you will have missed your chance to end strongly.

Your words and non-verbals should demonstrate confidence. Your final sentence should have a definitive conclusion, whether it ends with a period, exclamation point or question mark. Smile, stand tall, keep making eye contact, keep your voice strong and clearly enunciate all the words to the end of the sentence. You want your audience to know that you’re done and to remember what you’ve said.

Here are examples of good (and simple) endings:
“That has been my journey to minimize fuel surcharges in the eastern region.”
“The bottom line is that I recommend we move on this opportunity before the end of the month to maintain our competitive advantage.”
“In conclusion, remember that public speaking is a skill that is essential to your career – and since it’s a skill, you can practice and improve it.”

Festive Presents for Men

Looking for Christmas gifts for the special guy that you know and love is a challenging task for us girls. We aren’t men so how do we know what they like? Choosing the best treat for any man can be hard work… So when it comes to the males who you are closest to (be it your father, your partner, or your brother) we sometimes need to get help in choosing their perfect Christmas gift.

If you’re a woman and you’re struggling to think of what to get the man in your life, don’t panic – I’m here to help!

To start with all men are secretly boys at heart. They love gadgets, electronic gifts, ‘guys games’ and ‘boys toys’! Digital devices and cool electronic gizmos are the most in-demand merchandise for men at Christmas. You can always find new gadgetry in stores and online and there are literally hundreds of adverts on TV offering the next best thing that guys just have to have. If you’re not worried about a budget then you will be overwhelmed with the choice in the market however, at the same time, if money’s a bit tight, you can still find a vast number of electronic and digital items to treat your man to. iPods, PlayStations, Nintendo Wii’s & Nintendo DS’s line the shelves of electric stores and warehouses. Or what about 3D TV sets? Your male friend will be amazed if you present him with this up and coming gift on Christmas morning! If your income is more modest, you can find loads of gadgets that your husband, boyfriends or father, will love! If your man loves his laptop you could get him a funky wireless mouse or keyboard set at an inexpensive price.

Another brilliant idea that will go down a treat for the many you love is a Gift Experience Day. If he’s the outdoorsy type, you could get him a day out rock climbing or paintballing. If he loves cars, you could treat him to a drive round the racetrack in an expensive super powered car. Or what about a flying lesson? Being a pilot has to be every boy’s dream! Whatever you pick it will certainly be a great day out for your man and, if you’re clever about it, you could organise it so you got a trip out to the theatre, or got to stay at a nice hotel with him as a lot of the breaks cater for 2 people! Males who love football, rugby, cricket, or any other sport, will revel in a tour around their favourite club’s ground organised by their girlfriend.

Although some of the gift experience days are pricey, you could split the cost between a group of you to ensure that your males friend gets a brilliant day out that doesn’t break your bank balance! There are literally hundreds of choices, so go online and have a look at what’s available.

Customized Christmas gifts like photo albums of the family would be a perfect seasonal treat for your Dad. There is an unlimited range of homemade gifts to choose from and the only thing stopping you is your own imagination! No matter what you create – whether it’s 100% made by you, or a personalised item in a shop (such as a mug, t-shirt or towel with a personal message or picture); a gift like this is bound to please. A bonus is that you can make it as expensive or inexpensive as you like; either way, it will look like you’ve spent a lot of time and effort choosing, making and creating your Christmas gift. Homemade gifts always make the recipient feel special!

If you want something totally off the wall, something that none of his guy friends will have, why not name a star after him? That will make him feel like a star himself and he’ll be boasting to everyone about his unique gift!

Confectioneries may be a good choice if the man you’re buying for has a sweet tooth. There are always loads of Christmas sweets, chocolates, alcoholic beverages and cakes in stores during the festive period. Everyone naturally associates women and chocolate, but lots of men love indulging in delicious, chocolaty treats too… so don’t forget them! Create a hamper of all of his favourite candies, or buy a ready made basket of Christmas food and drink. Either way, he’ll love the gift (or you might get to have a bite too!)

If you’re good in the kitchen then why not rustle up your own tasty treats for the men in your life? Bake some cakes and biscuits, create home made jams of your own recipe, or gift wrapped your own personal sweets and present them to your Dad or husband on Christmas day. They’re good fun to make and good fun to eat later! Homemade snacks like these are always a welcome gift to younger male cousins or brothers too! If you make enough they’ll last over the festive period too so it won’t be a short lived present.

Another gift idea that can be appreciated for much longer than Christmas day is a magazine subscription. If you know a gentleman who likes nothing better than kicking back after a hard day at work and lazing with a computer, car, golf or fishing magazine; then why not ensure he can carry on doing this for the whole of the next year? Most magazines offer weekly or monthly subscriptions, so you simply have to sign him up once and the voucher will last till next Christmas!

Copyright (c) 2010 Paul Evans

How To Present Your High Value Man Adventure To Get Her Attention

I see it all the time. You are a great guy. You have a lot on the ball. That’s how you got that girl to pay attention to you in the first place. Now you’re married or you’ve been going out for a while and her attention is wandering. She’s nagging more. She’s not hanging on your every word. Not worshipping you like she should be. What’s a superhero to do?

After you’ve designed your man adventure, the next step I recommend is that you give thought to how you present yourself.

In this article I’ll give you 5 steps to go from being neglected and over-looked, to getting the attention and attraction you deserve.

1. Get The Heat Off. You need room. Stop sharing every bump in the road. Honey, you’ll never guess what happened when I tried to connect the sub-warp inertial dampeners to the trans-dimensional drive shaft… That’s your adventure. Sure it’s cool as hell to you and you want to share it, but you need to understand: She’s bored with the details. Especially when it’s been all dream so far. When you’ve got it up and running… When you’re ready to send that first prototype from here to Kansas at Warp 2..even then. Save it. Until you’ve got something solid. Something she and others can see.

2. Start In Secret. And make it practical. Okay I know you’ve cracked the quantum limits on sub-space travel. Your theory proves the existence of hyperspace. Or you think you can double the horsepower of a standard engine with a simple modification. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is what you can do. Right now. In the next two weeks. Give yourself the challenge of taking part of the project and proving it can happen, by… well… making it happen.

3. Build Credibility. Give yourself two DAYS. That’s right DAYS. To do something. Anything that creates results. The kind of results you can hold in your hand. The kind of results you can take to an expert in the field and get him to notice you have something here.

4. Get Legit. Arrange a demonstration. Don’t tell the wife about this one. This is the test run. If it works out give her a real downplayed version. The guy at MIT liked my demonstration. Says he wants me to come by next week. It’s nice, but still a long way from success.

5. Create Momentum. Don’t let a month go by without getting practical hold in your hand progress. Test. Redesign. Re-test. Reconfigure. Test. Tweak. Test again. Be relentless.

Your Man Adventure is important. The world needs it. It’s your responsibility to help them understand and appreciate it. Especially when it comes to your woman. Give her a front row ticket to your awesomeness in a way she can get excited about.

Does she think she has you all figured out?

Treats you like you are old news?

My FREE guide [http://www.secretidentityhq.com] will help you learn to…

Access and express your feelings.
Unhook from trying to impress her
See her rejections as cute
And awaken her inner pornstar.