Blended Wing Body Aircraft and Futuristic Aircraft Designs of the Past and Present

Recently NASA wind tunnel testing has confirmed what many eccentric aircraft and aerospace engineers have been saying for decades. And that is blended wing body aircraft are as much as 30% more efficient due to lower co-efficients of drag. Some may think that the flying wing concept is something totally new and innovative yet in review we find drawings and prototypes that go back decades.

And well some really old stuff, dating way back to WWII and Jack Northrop. And if you really want to be tricky and call question to the efficiency of the flying wing and the earliest designs here is one, which will throw you for a loop; the Egyptians had pictures of what looked like flying winged aircraft on their walls.

So perhaps this idea is not so NEW really. Blended Wings have many concerns to. If you look at a boomerang, or watch a flat object fall it spins on the way down. And let us not forget buffeting issues with flying wings which can occur as well, especially flying in an atmosphere with micro bursts, thunder storms and near airports with lots of wake turbulence too.

Luckily we have learned so much from the flying wing days of the 50′s and 60′s and the present B-2 Bombers as well that we maybe able to really take that knowledge and do better now. For instance airliners, which are flying wings such as this mock up digitally enhanced picture of a flying wing airliner;

A flying wing has many other neat aspects to it. That much wing sure plays well for eddy vortex lift and use. One would think that many who design these things are missing out on other cool possible aspects as well. For instance take thrust vectoring jets at just below the c.g. on top of the wings and put the aircraft into a high angle of attack 35-40 degrees and thus you have put the energy against the c.g. pushing it against the top of the wing rather than the thrust pushing it from the bottom of the wing as most designs show. You could have extremely short take off rolls and very efficient climb outs. The rates of climb would also significantly keep noise away from sensitive neighborhoods around airports.

Another issue is that people like to look out of the aircraft, so it might be wise for passenger aircraft where the passenger rode in the belly of the wing with now windows to play a Virtual or Augmented Reality on the cabin walls of the outside in giant screens, so the passengers would feel like you are sitting on the cloud and thus pleasing to the humans, as all humans seem to have a Closter phobic effect and combining that with air sickness would not be so good. Think on this.

Project The Right Image To Negotiate Successfully

When you negotiate, who are you? To be more exact, what image do you project? How do others in the negotiation perceive you? There are times when you have to change your character, your mindset, and your personality when negotiating, in order to create the environment that leads to the successful outcome of the negotiation. There will be times when you’ll have to be stern and there will be times when you’ll have to be soft, but always try to genuinely be nice.

There’s one political candidate that people have a varying range of opinions of. The political pundits say, the varying opinions stem from his lack of ability to connect with some people, based on the way he projects his image. Mind you, none of us will be able to connect with everyone, every time we negotiate, but there are ‘things’ you can do to enhance the probability of connecting with people when you negotiate. Use the following 7 suggestions when you negotiate …

  1. Be humble. No matter how much expertise you possess on a subject matter, don’t be a showoff. Being a know-it-all tends to turn people off.
  2. Always use active listening skills when talking with someone and allow them to perceive that you’re actively listening by acknowledging their thoughts through the paraphrases you use.
  3. When negotiating, genuinely set out to discover how you can help the other person achieve the goals they seek from the negotiation. (As an example, the other day, I spoke with another savvy negotiator from the Corning, NY area. I’ve only known this individual for a few short months, but his warmth, knowledge of negotiation skills, and his sincere desire to help other people always comes through when we speak. The wholesomeness of his character and demeanor endears him to me. As such, I’d go out of my way to assist him in his endeavors. When you negotiate, that’s the type of model I suggest you adopt. Be a person that people like so much they’d be willing to go the extra mile to help you achieve your goals.)
  4. Be likeable. Don’t be a sourpuss when you negotiate. (There are times when you’ll have to project such a demeanor, but only use that demeanor as a negotiation strategy when necessary.)
  5. 5. Be compassionate. If you have the upper hand in a negotiation, don’t hammer the other person to submit to more concessions, simply because you’re in the ‘power position’. You never know when that type of attitude will come back to bite you. Somewhere in the future you may negotiate with that same person and she may be in the ‘power position’. She most likely will recall the troubled times you gave her and she may return the favor. When possible, it’s nice to be nice.
  6. 6. Understand the value of reading body language accurately and use its covenants during the negotiation. Strive to become keen at reading body language to perceive a deeper meaning of thoughts conveyed throughout the negotiation. The additional insight gleaned from such will allow you to bond quicker with the other person, from which you can achieve a better appreciation of their perspective. I’m not suggesting you enhance your skills at reading body language to take advantage of the other person, I’m suggestion you do so to move towards the goals both of you seek from the negotiation.
  7. 7. When you negotiate, start out by putting the other person first. You may be thinking that’s crazy! When you’re flying, the flight attendant announces, if the oxygen mask is deployed put it on your own face first, then assist others. That may be true when you’re flying, but when you’re negotiating, to the degree you understand the other person, you’re in a better position to help him and by helping him, you help yourself.

If you’ve been reading these lessons over a period of time, based on the feedback I’ve received from those that have, your negotiation skills have increased substantially. As such, more than likely, you’re superior than the average person, when it comes to negotiating. Use your skills to teach others how to achieve more out of life by allowing them to see how magnanimous you can be when negotiating. By doing so, you will become an even stronger, savvier, more insightful negotiator … and everything will be right with the world.

The negotiation lessons are …

  • When you negotiate, don’t take advantage of people when you have the upper hand. You never know when their position may become stronger and at what point they may turn the tables on you to ‘get even’.
  • Always employ active listening skills when negotiating. Paraphrase questions, thoughts, and ideas to convey your understanding of the other person’s position and perspective.
  • As you negotiate, genuinely display an appreciation for the other person’s position. Make sure they know you’re not just viewing the negotiation from your perspective, but you also understand the perspective from which they view the negotiation. Use your body language skills to allow them to see, feel, and hear, your desire to seek the most favorable outcome for all parties involved in the negotiation.

How To Present Your High Value Man Adventure To Get Her Attention

I see it all the time. You are a great guy. You have a lot on the ball. That’s how you got that girl to pay attention to you in the first place. Now you’re married or you’ve been going out for a while and her attention is wandering. She’s nagging more. She’s not hanging on your every word. Not worshipping you like she should be. What’s a superhero to do?

After you’ve designed your man adventure, the next step I recommend is that you give thought to how you present yourself.

In this article I’ll give you 5 steps to go from being neglected and over-looked, to getting the attention and attraction you deserve.

1. Get The Heat Off. You need room. Stop sharing every bump in the road. Honey, you’ll never guess what happened when I tried to connect the sub-warp inertial dampeners to the trans-dimensional drive shaft… That’s your adventure. Sure it’s cool as hell to you and you want to share it, but you need to understand: She’s bored with the details. Especially when it’s been all dream so far. When you’ve got it up and running… When you’re ready to send that first prototype from here to Kansas at Warp 2..even then. Save it. Until you’ve got something solid. Something she and others can see.

2. Start In Secret. And make it practical. Okay I know you’ve cracked the quantum limits on sub-space travel. Your theory proves the existence of hyperspace. Or you think you can double the horsepower of a standard engine with a simple modification. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is what you can do. Right now. In the next two weeks. Give yourself the challenge of taking part of the project and proving it can happen, by… well… making it happen.

3. Build Credibility. Give yourself two DAYS. That’s right DAYS. To do something. Anything that creates results. The kind of results you can hold in your hand. The kind of results you can take to an expert in the field and get him to notice you have something here.

4. Get Legit. Arrange a demonstration. Don’t tell the wife about this one. This is the test run. If it works out give her a real downplayed version. The guy at MIT liked my demonstration. Says he wants me to come by next week. It’s nice, but still a long way from success.

5. Create Momentum. Don’t let a month go by without getting practical hold in your hand progress. Test. Redesign. Re-test. Reconfigure. Test. Tweak. Test again. Be relentless.

Your Man Adventure is important. The world needs it. It’s your responsibility to help them understand and appreciate it. Especially when it comes to your woman. Give her a front row ticket to your awesomeness in a way she can get excited about.

Does she think she has you all figured out?

Treats you like you are old news?

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