Experience Gifts Make Great Birthday Presents

Birthdays are a special occasion for anyone, regardless of how old they are! Despite the old adage that people don’t want to acknowledge their age the older they get, it’s always important to make sure they feel extra special and loved when they reach another milestone in life. Not only is an experience gift a great idea based on originality, but it’ll also give them a day they’ll never forget – that’s the key to a great birthday!

An experience gift is designed to be a once in a life time opportunity. Think of all the things you’ve ever wanted to do – swimming with dolphins, sky diving, driving one of the fastest cars in the world – that’s what experience gifts are. Things you would never usually be able to do, things you can only dream of doing, because they’re too expensive to own, or it’s too much hassle to get everything you need to do it, or it requires so much thought and planning that you don’t have the time for. That’s why experience gifts are so fantastic – they enable you to give somebody the experience of a life time as a present, something that they will always remember and never forget.

For a birthday, when looking for experience gifts for men or women, it might be a good idea to get something they can do themselves (since it’s their birthday, after all!). There are plenty of private experiences available, and there’s sure to be something that’ll suit anyone, young or old. You could get Private DJ Lessons for someone of the younger generation. There’s also Private Ninja Lessons available that could be of extreme interest to someone you know who is perhaps interested in karate movies or Japanese culture. For people into the art culture, there’s Private Art Lessons available taught by highly accomplished artists who can give the birthday boy or girl one on one training in a specific area that they enjoy. Private Glassblowing Lessons would also be of extreme interest to those who enjoy the arts, and the majority of these classes allow the receiver to take home whatever they make or do in that class to keep as a memento of their fantastic day and the brilliant present you gave them that enabled them to be a part of it!

Alternatively, a great way to make someone feel extremely special is to get them a VIP experience gift. There are a good number of experience gifts available that allow people to spend a day with some highly celebrated names in the media. For instance, spending a day with Tyler Stableford, one of the most renowned adventure photographers in the world, would be a dream come true for any budding amateur with a keen interest in photography. Alternatively, a chef or cooking enthusiast could have a once in a lifetime chance to have wine and dinner with Anthony Dias Blue, one of the most influential food and wine personalities in the world. If none of those suit though, there’s always the option to get an Ultimate Celebrity Access Pass for your loved one. This pass enables the gift receiver to spend a day with their favorite musician, actor or actress. This could also be incorporated into a birthday party, as many of the A-list celebrities available are more than happy to make an appearance for a private concert at a party. Imagine the look of awe and disbelief as the gift receiver’s favorite singer comes on stage and starts singing just for them!

So whether you’re looking to give someone a one-on-one lesson in a certain area of expertise, or if you’re looking to give someone that ‘once in a lifetime’ chance, experiential gifts can cater to all birthday present needs, big or small.