4 Ideas For Selling Information Products

This is no different than selling any other product. In many ways it is better. Because people access the information everyday by the millions there is a built in market for you to make money off of. Here are 4 selling information products online tips that will help you make more sales.

We have all heard the famous saying by the world’s first millionaire, J. Paul Getty. He once remarked that he would rather earn 1% on the sales of 100 people than he would earn 100% on the sales of his own. Think about that as it applies to selling information products on the internet.

1. Amazon got it right in the mid 90′s when they started one of the first affiliate programs. An affiliate is someone who gets paid to sell someone else’s products. It is a mutually beneficial program for both the product owner and salesman. What works so well for information products is they can be sold on the internet by anyone who wants to work at promoting them.

Digital information products are even better because there is no shipping or collections involved. If you are the information product creator you just need to get everything set up online and then go find affiliates to make sales for you. Clickbank, CJ.com, Associate Programs, and others are places affiliate go to find products to sell. If you want to get paid over and over on the efforts of others getting affiliates is a great way to do it.

2. Network marketing is another way to sell information products online. Success University is one example of a online information product that is being sold via network marketing. They have a monthly membership based product that provides personal development training and it is all internet based.

As a business person with information products to sell you could consider starting your own online network marketing business. If that does not appeal to you then you could become a distributor and build your own worldwide business selling other people’s products and make money on your distributors sales as well.

3. A third way to sell information products online is to buy products with resell rights and sell them on a blog. If you were to create an authority blog that people come back to over and over then you have a built in target market to resell products to. A blog monetized with resell products is great because you get to concentrate on blogging and not product creating.

Blogs are a great place to sell information because your visitors are coming to you to find information and they come back creating the possibility for repeat business. Resell products are perfect because you can find them all over the internet and then put them on your blog for people to pay you 100% profit on.

4. Another way to sell information is via email. Using and autoresponder you can build a mailing list and then make money selling to your list. A monthly ezine would be one way to do this. An ezine is short for electronic magazine. Today we call it an ezine when it really is your newsletter delivered to a subscribers email address.

As your subscriber base grows it is a gold mine for you and your information products. As long as you have subscribers you have potential to make money virtually anytime 24 hours a day by sending out an offer to your list. When you weave your products into your newsletter you are packaging free information with products for sale which is a less threatening way for someone to buy from you.

This is 4 ideas on selling information products. These are all proven ways to do it and when you make your products digital in nature you can do it all online.